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" The Gods visit us disguised as strangers..."                          The Odyssey - Homer

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About Ithaca 


Ithaca..the land of King Odysseus !

The symbol of Nostos and human need for belonging ...  

Ithaca is the place that you will "touch" the myth, feel the presence of Greek Gods & humans coexisting in perfect harmony.

High mountains with rich vegetation diving with force in the turquoise waters of Ionian Sea...

Paths that lead to small rivers or to the highest pick of mountains, where you feel touching the sky...

Monuments & Caves that reveal their ancient secrets...Beaches where you feel that are piece of Paradise...Music & dance coming back from Venetian ages,small, pictureque villages full of colours where people offer to every visitor the Greek "Philoxenia"

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Vathy- Perachori - Stavros- Frikes

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Discover Ithaca
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Beach or Mountains? 7 Stunning Destinations that Deliver the Best of Both Worlds

Ithaca, Greece

The small, unspoiled Greek island of Ithaca is renowned from Homer’s Odyssey as the mythological homeland of the story’s hero, Odyssesus. Free from the crowds that descend on some of Greece’s more popular vacation destinations, the quiet island is dotted with pretty pebbly beaches buffeted by turquoise waters and charming historic villages that stand sentinel across the more mountainous interior. Getting around Ithaca is best done by car, as the island is relatively small and easy enough to navigate. There are a number of scenic routes to explore, including from Vathy to Stavros, with recommended pit stops at Anogi and Exogi for an authentic taste of rustic village life. Let your curiosity be your guide, as no matter where you choose to explore, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views.



Is this the most beautiful island in Greece?

Over the decades, Ithaca has been whispering to me with that same message. Even the name is poetic; the sound is close to “mythical”....

Ithaca is just 18 miles from top to tail and although it offers various Odysseus-themed attractions – a cave, a spring, the ruins of a castle – there’s no point rushing to any of them. There are hardly any decent beaches. If you come here, you come for the island itself and my first impression was that it was far more beautiful than anywhere I’d been in Greece. It rains a lot in winter, making it lush and verdant for the rest of the year, with trees that couldn’t grow anywhere else. 



Holidays in Ithaca: You certainly don't forget this island easily

Ithaca is one of the smallest islands in the Ionian Islands and is located south of Lefkada and northeast of Kefalonia. Its beauty is indescribable and this certainly makes us think of Odysseus and his obsession for ten whole years to return to it. Arriving on the island, you can only recognize it.



Discover Ithaca’s golden bays and ancient legends

It is the perfect base for a walking holiday that brings to life the story of a figure from antiquity who may (or may not) be this island’s most famous former resident. Odysseus

Usefull Contacts

  • Municipality of Ithaca : +30 26740 33481

  • Police station : +30 26740 32205

  • Port Police  : +30 26740 32909

  • Fire station :+ 30 26740 33499, 26740 33199

  • Archaeological Museum :+30 26740 32200

  • Nautical Folklore Museum:+30 26740 33398

  • Archaeological Collection of Stavros:                 +30 26740 31305, 26740 23955

  • Ithaca Health Center :+30 26740 32222

  • Stavros Regional Clinic :+30 26740 31207

  • Diagnostic Center :+30 26740 32203

Useful Contacts
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