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"As you set out for Ithaka

hope your road is a long one,

full of adventure, full of discovery....

Ithaca gave you the marvelous journey..."

(C.P. Kavafy)

Discover All Activities in Ithaca

Take this chance Ithaca gives and discover the mythical land & sea , experience this unique island through various activities that promise to make each guest feel part of this place..

Ithaca Trails

Unique paths through nature and magnificent pictures all over the island! A well- known trail network is made with all modern standards & certifications to offer a memorable experience for all ages. All trails are very well marked accompanied with an excellent mobile application which provides a variety of information so as never loose contact ( trail difficulty, time & physical requirments , historical information for each point throughout the route, and more others).


(Available for ANDROID & IOS)


Canoe Kayak & Paddleboarding

In Private or in Group, in Ithaca you can rent a single or a double Kayak,for one or half day,with or without certified instructor/guide. Single day or multi-day guided trips around Ithaca or to neighbouring island are offered or can be organised.  Explore of the magnificent coasts around the island making stops in large or small, isoleted or popular beaches.

Visit the traditional Ithaca coastal villages and have a break with some light traditional snacks..!!! Back to Kayak again and paddle towards the caves of the island with the unique water colours...!!!  Have fun..!!!

Scuba diving & Snorkeling

Be a certified diver  or enjoy some fun dives ! In private or in group... day or night...make your choice and go for it....!!!!!!

- PADI scuba diving courses for begginers and/or certified divers along with the necessary equipment are offered by proffecionals of Ithaca Diving Center.

- After competion of the necessary education certificate is provided.

- Fun dives for certified divers and/or snorkeling and/or speed boat trips are offered or can be organized according to your needs.

Take the chance to experience the bottom of the unique Ionian Sea, ancient shipwrecks, and not only...

Island Tour (Jeep Safari)