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Frikes is to be found in the northwest of Ithaca, 19 km from Vathy, 5 km from Kioni and 3 km from Stavros. The village was first inhabited in the 16th century when the inhabitants of the surrounding hills began to use the natural harbour of Frikes as their fishing base but mainly to conduct commercial and trading activity with Lefkada and with mainland Greece. According to some academics, Frikes is the harbour referred to by Homer as Reithron.

This very picturesque fishing village is now a significant tourist destination with a fair number of established hotels and guest houses. During the summer there is a daily boat service to and from Lefkada. In addition, there are facilities for the repair, maintenance and supply of sailing boats and leisure motor boats, thus providing an ideal base for visiting the beautiful nearby beaches and for exploring the sea and beaches to the north of the island.

During the summer, the bay of Frikes can be subject to quite breezy conditions. This local, northwest wind creates ideal conditions for sailing and for windsurfing.

Frikes is home to two particularly well-maintained windmills that look down on the harbour. At night they are illuminated for all to see, especially those visitors dining at one of the various seaside fish restaurants or enjoying a drink or sweet at one of the many cafes to be found here. Those visitors, lucky enough to be in Frikes on June 30th, can enjoy the celebratory festivities held to honour the Holy Apostles.

If you follow the dirt road from Frikes towards the wild beauty of Marmakas, you can enjoy a wonderful swim and visit the unique bio-diverse wetlands of Ithaca, at Alykes. Travelling away from Frikes towards Kioni, accompanied by the sea to your left and the green hills to your right, you will experience a truly beautiful journey, one of the most pleasurable in any of the Ionian islands.

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